DNA Proxi is a biologist obsessed with bass music. Emerging from the University of Colorado as a scientist, DNA Proxi aims to integrate biology into bass music. The result is grimy dubstep steeped in scientific quotes and sounds. A mad scientist unleashing heavy bass monsters straight from the lab. Majoring in experimentation, you can expect every set from DNA Proxi to be unique with custom mashups and live visual effects. Whether at Beta Nightclub or abroad in Japanese schools DNA Proxi delivers superior sound with vibrant visuals every time.


DNA Proxi - Wednesday, July 19, 2017



My first track created in Ableton. This strain of virus has a Gameboy vibe that creeps into dark wobbles once infected. Would love some feedback from the Dubstep community. After learning the basics of Ableton in a week of self-tutorials through videos, I'm excited to find new sounds and combinations for this Soundcloud!!!
Expect more consistent uploads with a new powerful laboratory generating new genetically altered beats...
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