Altering DNA with Sound


DNA Proxi is a biologist obsessed with bass music. Scientists find that our environment can flip switches within our DNA. This field of fluid DNA alteration is called “epigenetics.” Efforts such as exercise can actively alter our genome in a positive way. Now consider the effects of deep bass music! Sound waves can absolutely alter both our mind and body. It evokes reactions within us that are instinctual. Rhythm satisfies our primal program, uniting us all under bass. DNA Proxi produces Dubstep that epigenetically empowers your DNA!



Some people have been on the ride for a long time, they begin to question is this real or is this just a ride? Other people have remembered, they come back to us and say hey don’t worry, don’t be afraid EVER, this is just a RIDE!
— Bill Hicks

Strange things occur when enough random variables are set in motion. In 2015 Bassnectar came to Red Rocks Amphitheater in CO. In anticipation of the event, I crafted this mix and released it a month before those unbelievable three nights. The quote above from Bill Hicks was included near the conclusion of my creation as a final reminder. Night two at Red Rocks; I’m awestruck to hear the same quote being played for the first time during Bassnectar’s set. Such parallel waves of thought inspired me to treat music as I do science, with immense passion!

Time passed and Soundcloud copyright was displeased with my mix, so despite it gaining traction, it was removed. After receiving many heartfelt requests to re-upload the mix I was determined to do one step better. Another set of copyright arguments was had with YouTube, but the video version went on to be viewed by +60K people. Such a stunning circumstance of synchronicity shocked me into realizing life IS just a ride; time to get messy, get involved, it’s time for SCIENCE!!!






Shambhala Field Test TBA


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Field Test #04 Red Rocks Zeds Dead 2018

Field Test #04 Red Rocks Zeds Dead 2018


 Crystal Contamination

Inspired by Pokemon Crystal this game explores the 8-Bit realm from a different perspective. Greedy corporations constrict the landscape, yet you the protagonist are able to communicate with Pokemon. With this mysterious ability will you be able to aid the Legendary Pokemon in restoring the world?

Features: New Region, Battle Sim, Prehistoric Park, and so much more!!!



Need a dubstep DJ, producer, or videographer? With a decade of experience in video editing I offer over +4T.B of high quality stock footage fit for any project be it science or dubstep. In terms of mobile music services, I provide Yamaha club-grade speakers along with projectors and more. Fill out the form below to give me an idea what sort of collaboration you’re seeking.

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